Wisdom is the capacity:

  • to do the right thing.,
  • the right way,
  • at the right time,
  • and for the right reason.

Hello Family,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed “Zoom-Betty’s Birthday” – thanks for doing that, it was a privilege to chat and catch up with everyone.  Seeing your faces and hearing your voices I am reminded of our parents.  I saw stress in some of you  –  no wonder, our whole planet has been turned upside down.  The unrest that is happening is most disturbing to me.  

Reaching a milestone birthday is indeed a reason for celebration – actually any birthday is a reason to celebrate the uniqueness of yourself; there is only one of you in this world; each one of us matters, each one of us has a story to tell.  Tell us your story.  Watched the video prepared for Delmar’s 100th birthday  –  well done!

So, now I am 80  –  YIKES –  I thought it would take a lot longer to get here.  I remind myself I am not old yet, however a look into the mirror, hoisting myself up out of my easy chair as everything groans, creeks and pops, 4 kilometers at a fast pace – my knees tell me, “not a good idea”, are things that give me a reality check.

We are learning to live with COVID-19.  Our age puts us at risk, however we are reasonably healthy so the risk is diminished somewhat, the number of cases in the Northern Health region of BC is low, there are no confirmed cases in Dawson Creek, so that lowers our risk as well and we work at keeping that way, doing all that the health officials recommend.  In all of this, we are learning how vital and valuable, personal touch and social contact is.  Virtual reality is not the same but better that nothing.

Be Kind  –  Be Calm  –  Be Safe

Thank-You for Loving Us!

Love You Always and Forever

Ray and Betty Good

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