Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020
– COVID-19 doesn’t appear to be leaving us any time soon as the number of cases in the world continue to rise as well as in Canada, our province and city – we are used to plexiglas partitions – limited meetings in small groups – masks of every size and description – frequent handwashing – social distancing – zoom – US/Canada Border closed. – (We lament the border being closed, however we might not have made a trip to the US anyway.) We are not fearful – we remain careful and diligent. so far so good!
We celebrated Thanksgiving the second Monday of October. with our daughter and son-in-law. Today we are observing Rememberance Day activities in our nations capital. It is moving as we are reminded to express our gratitude for sacrifices made. Halloween was very quiet this year – turning off lights, closed curtains does not encourage “trick or treaters”. Have no plans for Christmas – possibility of being together with friends. Sharon and Dale will be going to Calgary to spend some holiday time with Jena and Dillon, daughter and son-in-law; the boys plan to come from their home in Squamish, BC.

Yard and garden are in hibernation mode – geranium and fuchsia cuttings are happy under the light in the basement until spring. We enjoy watching the birds come to the feeder and our resident squirrel navigating the hydro wires, fence and going branch to branch front yard to back. Winter’s coming; – we have snow but temperatures are mild for this time of year, days are short-nights long, outdoor activities are limited making our world feel really small. Our plans to fill the winter days include knitting projects, jigsaw puzzles, Red Cross volunteers, gym workouts, coffee and lunch with friends, a thorough cleaning of the living room. We have moved chairs into what was orginally the master bedroom along with our updated, (since 1984,) TV.

Our hearts go out to cousin Don Schantz as he faces cancer. None of us would find it pleasant or easy to deal with the disease and all that it entails.

President Trump has not shown even a modicum of grace with elections results.

Love You Always and Forever
Ray and Betty

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