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Hello Family

Beautiful fall day here in the Peace Country of Northeastern BC. Summer was almost non-existance, but we hardly noticed as most of our attention was focused on COVID-19. Cases and deaths are realitely low in BC’s northern health region where we live. Our age – over 80 – puts us at high risk, however being in good health is to our advantage. We quarantined for 14 days then shortly after, yearned for “normal” to return. Once we realized that was not, nor could not, happen we determined to let go of that expectation and move on to create a new “normal” We’ve made adjustments to our life style, being careful to follow recommendations from our Health Care Officials.Many people have much more to contend with, ie: work, children, school, etc. We don’t have that pressure.

We are hearing and seeing reports of unrest happening in the US – (unsettling) also of fires burning on the west coast.. Wildfire smoke has drifted into southern BC – in addition a tourist attraction pier coated in creosote, in Vancouver that is burning making the AQI (Air Quality Index) at 10 – very high.

We are stretched, staying calm, confident, challenged, hopeful , positive, believing things will get better, focused on what can go right.

Tell us how all of this is affecting you, what is happening in your corner of the world.

Love You Always and Forever

Thank-You for Loving Us.

Ray and Betty Good

Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was getting over, it turned into a butterfly.’

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