Oswald October Birthdays and Anniversaries

 4  Shannan Good/Smith           57th birthday

 6  John Nitzsche                      70th birthday

 7 Megan Schantz                     26th birthday

 7 Paul Oswald                         69th birthday

 8 Fred Weldy                           69th birthday

 9 Tom and Debbie Oswald        8th anniversary

10 Tim Hartzler                        44th birthday

12 Kathlena Oswald                11th birthday

12 Larry and Bert Nitzsche       50th anniversary

16 Lucas Schantz                    11th birthday

16 Todd and Jaime Oswald      25th anniversary

20 Jennifer Schantz                 34th birthday

21 Hannah Goff                       18th birthday

21 Mindy Oswald                     49th birthday

22 Dan and Diane Oswald       52nd anniversary

22 Deb Oswald/Hartzler          69th birthday

24 Megan Hartzler/Beatty        41st birthday

24 Ryan Samuelson                22nd birthday

27 Joshua Conley *                12th birthday

28 Jason D. Oswald               44th birthday

30 Tim Ruger                         28th birthday

31 Jacob Schweitzer             18th birthday

Bert and Larry celebrating your 50th, a milestone, “Enjoy the memories you’ve made, the dreams you share for tomorrow, and the gift of each other every single day.”  Bert we missed you in Lincoln City, hope your transplant recovery continues to be positive.

Todd and Jaime Oswald celebrating your 25th also a milestone.  “May life continue to bring you good friends and good health, a whole lot of laughter, a wee bit of wealth, a bright sky above, and warm times together with all those you love.”

generation colored coded:

3rd – purple

4th – magenta

5th – green

If there are omissions or corrections that need to be made, let me know

Betty Good