Hello Family – Summer is Here

As I walk outside today I am met with the pungent smell of damp earth mingled with pleasant aroma of lilacs and lily of the valley. Our weather pattern over the past weeks has been interesting. Days are longer – summer solstice come and gone – we get bright blue sky, big white clouds, wind comes up blowing a black cloud in our direction where it stops overhead then weeps on us or bypasses us all together and we start the cycle again sometimes several times a day. The rain is most welcome as we have endured near drought conditions recently. In addition, it has brought green grass, tender green leaves on the deciduous trees, new growth on the evergreens, 2 foot tall dandelions that have now gone to seed, wild grasses are already heading out as are the grasses in our yard, perennials are loving the moisture, showing us phenomenal growth and blossoms; and of course, ideal conditions for mosquito proliferation. Area farmers have finished seeding and are looking forward, all things remaining constant, to plentiful crops at harvest time. It’s all good – everyone is happy.

I feel honored when any one of our children care to spend one on one time with me, their mother. In December Sharon suggested we attend the Butter Dome Christmas Craft Sale in Edmonton. Even better, she offered to use her air miles to fly us there and for accommodation in the city. I was happy to say, “ Good idea, Let’s do it”.

On our hour drive to the airport we chatted about a recent radio call in program. A caller expressed concern regarding wildlife crossing signs on the highways. In the caller’s opinion there should be more signs thereby giving wildlife more opportunities to safely cross the highway. We had a chuckle.

Our flight and hotel check-in that evening was uneventful. Up early the next morning to get to the craft show at opening so we would have the entire day to peruse the aisles at our leisure. We admired the variety of crafts and were inspired by the creativity of the various vendors. By late afternoon we were tired and ready for a change so we met up with a friend who was just settling in her first year at the University of Alberta. She showed us around her dorm and into her room, telling us about her life at university. We went to dinner together then daughter and I back to our hotel. We were dismayed to find that our room had not been cleaned – O well, we can live with that however we did require more towels. None arrived after three requests so we just “made do” with what we had. Next morning back to the airport for the journey home. The flight route took us north then back south to our town. Since most of the passengers were oilfield workers their luggage was taken on first taking up the available weight and space leaving ours behind to be delivered to our door the next day. It was dark by the time we arrived at the airport, Sharon’s jeep was parked just where we left it and we were soon on our way to drive the hour to home. Shortly after we entered the highway a deer choose to cross the road and attempted to occupy the same space as the jeep. There was a glimpse of frightened deer eyes – (if anyone was looking the pair of our eyes must have looked the same) – and a sickening thud. Sharon remained calm, pulled over to the side of the road as far as the snow bank would allow and immediately phoned her husband and said, Guess what”. She relayed information of our status. Dale remained on the line listening patiently, gave helpful suggestions; the sound of his voice was calming and reassuring. A passerby kindly stopped to offer assistance. The two of us were not injured, the Jeep suffered a crumpled fender, however the deer, a 4 point buck, did not survive the impact. The vehicle was deemed drivable, so we took a deep breath and continued on our way home. The ride was quiet – each of us contemplating the recent event – until out of the quietness Sharon said, “Mom, I know why I hit that deer, it did not cross at the deer crossing.”

During your life, everything you do and everyone you meet rubs off in someway. Some bit of everything you experience stays with everyone you’ve ever know, and nothing is lost. That’s what’s eternal, these little specks of experience in a great, enormous river that has no end.

Until Next Time: Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery, Today is a gift.

Love You!
Ray and Betty Good