Oswald Family Reunion

Having someone to Love is Family; 
Having somewhere to go is Home;
Having both is a blessing.

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June 15-17, 2018

Surftides Resort, 2945 NW Jetty Ave, Lincoln City, OR   97367


From the book, "The Family of Jacob and Margretha Oswald"

I remember quite well when all of Grandpa's 12 children lived there near Beemer. I don't recall how many years it was that they all lived there in Nebraska. Not very many I don't believe.

I remember when they had birthdays and all would gather there at their home in Beemer. In those days everyone sat up to the table to eat. Usually the older ones ate first. So it was quite late in the afternoon when younger ones got to eat.

Quite often when there was a funeral at the then Plum Creek church out in the country, quite a few would stop at Grandpa's place after the burial service at the Beemer Cemetery. Grandma always had a pretty good supply of her famous fruit cookies for the younger ones. I remember quite often when most of them were there at their home they would sing and most always Grandma would ask my Father which they both called Willie to lead the songs. Usually the songs were German.

I was privileged to attend Grandpa's funeral in 1940. I was working in Manson Iowa a the time. he was 87 years old when he passed away. He made a picture or drawing for me. I'm sure many of your have seen his works of art and perhaps have some in your possession. I cherish this drawing very much. He wrote some words on the back of the drawing -- "Made for my beloved Grandson in my 85th year of life"

It is unfortunate that most of us were not able to communicate with them. I'm sure they must have had quite a struggle at times and also times of joy and happiness in raising such a large family.

Written by Harold Oswald.