Oswald Family Reunion

Having someone to Love is Family; 
Having somewhere to go is Home;
Having both is a blessing.

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Stuff to do

Preliminary Registration

We have reserved the two lodges , Gist and Sander.  There are 10 rooms with a total of 64 beds, many of them bunk beds. Each room has a full bath in it.   We will probably have to double up some, so if you wish to tell me who you would like to share a room with, I would appreciate that.   Scott (the camp manager) has assured me he will work with us to make us all comfortable.  So there may be other options.  Probably you would rather NOT sleep on a top bunk?  I know I would rather not!  So please indicate that to me.  We can make sure no one has to unless you desire to!  These lodges are handicap accessible. 
There are 3 complete RV hookups and 1 electrical. 
COST:  Total cost for 2 nights with bedding and 6 meals in a lodge is :

$120.00 for adults,
$100. For 5-15 year olds
$60 for 1-4 year olds.

RV prices are:

$100 for adults,
$80 for 5-15 year olds
$40 for 1-4 year olds

MEALS:  Served at 8:00 AM, 12:00 noon and 5:30 PM  (mountain time)
They are very happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions.   
Please let me know your needs ahead of time so they can be prepared.

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